Cabeau Evolution Pillow (TPEP)

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The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is a worldwide bestseller.

With patented ergonomic design and exclusive vertical side panels, our award-winning Evolution® Pillow has redefined what it means to use a travel pillow. Responsive memory foam and 360° head and neck comfort pave the way for superior comfort, giving travellers everything they need for rest and relaxation – making it a proven sales leader that customers ask for by name.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow features:

  • Responsive memory foam core
  • Flattened rear neck cushion
  • Raised sides for 360° head/chin comfort
  • Adjustable sliding support toggle
  • Media pouch for mobile device
  • Travel bag included to compact pillow 1/4 its size

Cabeau Evolution Update to S3:

As part of our ongoing improvement and enhancement program, Cabeau is upgrading the Evolution pillow to Evolution S3.  The S3 features the patented Seat Strap System which allows you to attach the pillow to the wings of the seat headrest.

At this time, we have transitioned the grey and red pillows to the new S3.  Black and blue will likely be S3 from end September

Cabeau Evolution Pillow Specifications:

  • Measure: 9.75 in L x 10 in W x 5 in H / 24 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 oz / 329 g


  • Midnight (black)
  • Royal (blue)
  • Slate (grey) – S3
  • Red – S3




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Award-winning travel comfort


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