Korjo recommends for Thailand

"Sawat-dee" - hello in Thai! If you are bringing anything electrical, you need the EU or JA adaptor - both systems are in use (also check the socket as 110v and 220V are employed). Korjo suggests the other items below, and for the entire product range, see listing on left.

About Korjo

Korjo is THE original Australian Travel Accessories company.  It is still a proudly Australian family company.
At Korjo Travel Products, our aim is to help business and leisure travellers all over the world to have a more comfortable, happy, safe and convenient trip. Korjo focuses solely on travel accessories and has been providing information, advice and travel products for more than 30 years. We believe that the travelling experience should be about maximising the enjoyment, educational and business opportunities that travel presents. Therefore Korjo has created a genuinely useful range of travel products that minimise discomfort and problems, and promote security, health & safety - letting you concentrate on the trip itself. 
For a brief history of Korjo, click here.

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